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  • By purchasing any Nod digital products, you undertake not to share any information, links or content that was within the products anywhere, and to adhere to professionalism, or your account will be permanently deleted and subject to legal accountability.

To request permission, contact support@gz0nroo5.shop

  • Digital gz0nroo5 has the right to continuously modify and update the price quotations for all products in addition to the content of the product itself as the characteristics speak from time to time – and at the time of purchasing the product – you have the right to take a snapshot of the description indicating the date to prove the product with the characteristics that were purchased
  • gz0nroo5 Digital has the right – without prior notice – to disconnect the service from any customer in the event of a violation of the usage policy, or in the event of emergency circumstances, and the customer’s rights are preserved as described in the warranty policies
  • The customer is bound by the purchase invoice sent via e-mail only and not the invoice updated through the platform